Tableboard for Pas de Manoeuvre wargames

Reading time: 2 mins.

With the remains of a box for a shower plate that someone left on the street near my home, I made a support for a dark green slate board, 120 cm x 70 cm (47,24 in x 27,56 in), to draw a square grid of 6×6 cm (2,36 in x 2,36 in). The previus design with MSExcel was for a square grid of 8×8 cm (3,14in x 3,14 in).

The wooden shower box plate.
A side view of the rudimentary box
The dark green slate is glued with wood glue to the surface of the box. Various books of some loss-house encyclopedia transform their cultural destination in constructive destination. 
Crosses of 2 cm (0,78 in).
The final size dimensions are 21 x 12 square grid, for a scale of 200 meters/square, a total of 4,2 km x 2,4 km, a relatively comfortable scale for a small Napoleonic battle.
The edges of the table finished with a molding
Big failure! The weight of the molding table and the little surface base surface makes the joint totally unstable, so you have to add a little weight in the base so that the table does not tilt dangerously.