Pas de Manoeuvre!

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My experience as a wargame player has always limited to personal computer (Pc) although I have always been in the spotlight wargaming with miniatures, because I was attracted by this epoch and their colourfulness.

So I decided to enter this field (with courage but with caution) and develop my own rules, trying to combine simplicity and agility in the game, without ignoring the historical rigor.

As you will suppose, rules for Napoleonic wargames are dozens, if not hundreds, so that ideas are also hundreds.

I’m basically interested in developing a simple system for a single player game (my own case by circumstances) on a board delimited by square cells to help me regulate shooting ranges and movements. The hexagonal cells do not interest me as much as it does not seem appropriate for this warfare type period, with most of the time linear formations, although they have good games with hexagons as the Command&Colors series and many others.

The rules so close to my idea I’ve found are the Portable Wargame by Robert Cordery ( ) using a small board (8×8 cells) and simple and clear rules and mechanisms. Bob also has rules for various historical periods, but I’ve especially interested in the Napoleonic.

Moreover also I will discuss how campaign will be primarily with point to point movement.

– Rules for a Napoleonic Wargame – by Gerard de Gre, modified by Charles and David Sweet. Published by Dick Bryant in THE COURIER

– Big Board Portable Wargame: 19th Century Rules – Bob Cordery

– Joseph Morschauser’s ‘Frontier’ Wargame Rules

– Napoleon’s Triumph Rules – Simmons Games (Trad. Eva M. Crespo)

– Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion Rules – Fantasy Flight Games

– Battles of Napoleon Pc Game Rules – Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)

– Napoleon’s Campaigns Manual – AGEOD

– Napoleonic Armies. A Wargamers Campaign Directory 1805-1815 – Ray Johnson – Arms and Armour Press, 1984

– Imperial Bayonets – George Nafziger – Greenhill Books, 1996

– Franco-Prussian Wargame Campaign 1870 French Battlefield Orders – by Nic Birt

– SCRUD Simple Combat Resolution Using Dice by Mike Irvin/Timothy McCoy Price

– A Solo Play Module for Grand Manoeuvre Napoleonic Miniatures Wargames Rules By Michael Collins.

– Serrez les rangs! – Gerardo Peinador y Miguel Ángel Casado

– Easy Napoleonic Rules by Don Lowry

– Napoleonic principles of War – (

– Two hour Wargames Chain Reaction 3.0

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