Pas de Manoeuvre – Wargaming with Risk figures

In miniature wargaming, normally troops are represented by stands at different scales and sizes
In my case, the first option for my Pas de Manoeuvre tactical rules were stands with top-down view, with figures like those shown on the excellent website of Junior General, with paper figures of all periods. (
For example, they are stands or counters designed by Papalazarus, for the Waterloo campaign:

No problems with height scales but the vision is restricted to two dimensions only, and drawings need some zoom to appreciate the details of the uniforms, watching them from some distance.

I tried to remove the grass of the drawings to drawn my own counters but the results didn\’t like me.

Second option was stands with foam board silhouettes. Using some pretty good pictures of Napoleonic troops by Fairline, of  French, British, Russian, Prussian, Austrian and more countries, but I could never take firmly to a Napoleonic game.

Testing with these stands didn\’t like me either, just the silhouette with 3mm of foam board was too big for these stands, for my taste.

Third and last option was, logically, wargaming miniatures -corporeal figures- but to get an army represents the cost is often too expensive. Searching for the web I found this article very interesting, about wargaming with Risk game figures:
It seems for the Risk figures the scale is 1/144, or 12 mm -> 1,73 m, more or less 10-15 mm of eight.
Another links and some examples of wargaming with Risk figures:

This last link with very good painted figures, and \»La petit armee\» web, with tactical and campaign rules:

An example of stands with these rules:
With all this information, then madness has begun, buying a lot of Risk figures, by Parker (shako figures) by the Internet, which has caused my own family asked if my mental faculties were not altered. Summing up, everything for the cause… :))
Pas de manoeuvre stands are 35×25 mm (1,37×0,98 inch) for cavalry units, 40x25 mm (1,57×0,98 inch) for infantry units and 20×25 mm (0,78×0,98 inch) for artillery units, but I\’m still doubting this last measure. The board square grid surely will be of 80×80 mm (3,14×3,14 inch) or 100×100 mm (3,93×3,93 inch) per square.

 Some examples:

Cavalry figures, spraying with primer and glued with BluTac.
French Chasseurs à cheval stand.


Austrian line infantry post-1809


Note: As you suppose or know I\’m not native or english speaking so despite my old First Certificate degree, probably there will be some failure of the spanish translation so I beg patience and understanding if a word or meaning is not entirely correct what it should be.

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