Bavaria 1809 Campaign with Berthier software (I)

In another \»twist\» in my always eternal \»to begin\» Bavaria napoleonic campaign of 1809, I decided to try the software Berthier to manage campaigns. 
I had already tried before, but I think it was very difficult to manage the campaign for its size and number of units. On the basis of my latest map with Excel in the area, I have divided into a grid with squares of 12×12 km, which has given me a final grid of 25×18 cells (300×216 km) from Ulm to Pilsen and Nuremberg to Munich. Instead of a offset squares grid a regular squares grid:
Bavaria map with MS Excel


In my previous attempts with Berthier I had made smaller cells to define the roads and the Danube River and its tributaries. This time I chose to simplify the map making, and define the types of colores cells bades in areas as:

GREEN = Forests
GREEN LIGHT = Forests with rivers
Y = Cities
BROWN = Mountains
LIGHT YELLOW = Open land

The same area ready for Berthier system. Some symbols based on Malcom McCallum maps.

The map with MS Excel, with numbered cells and overlayed with some icon maps from Malcom McCallum maps, I already discussed in the blog. Translated to Berthier software (not finished):

And the final version from Berthier:


French OOB
The order of battle is large because between both sides counted more than 300,000 men, so summing up I only include the OOB French army. The French army consisted of five Army Corps:
– II Corps, in command of GdD Oudinot.
– III Corps, in command of MdE Davout, the most numerous.
– IV Corps, in command of MdE Masséna.
– VII Corps, in command of MdE Lefebvre, mostly Bavarians.

– VIII Corps, in command of GdD Vandamme.


– 1st Heavy Cavalry Division, in command of GdD Nansouty
– Rhinebund Division, in command of GdD Rouyer

totaling about 170.000 men.

The Austrian Army consisted of eight Army Corps:

– I Armeekorps, in command of GdK Graf Bellegarde
– II Armeekorps, in command of FZM Graf Kolowrat
– III Armeekorps, in command of FML Hohenzollern
– IV Armeekorps, in command of FML von Rosenberg
– V Armeekorps in command of FML Archduke Ludwig
VI Armeekorps in command of FML von Hiller
– I Reserve Korps in command of GdK Liechtenstein
– II Reserve Korps in command of GdK FML Kienmayer

totaling about 150.000 men.

Transferred to the Berthier system we have only the five corps as individual units plus Napoleon HQ (only from 16 april) and two division units of Nansouty and Rouyer.

There are four types of units: infantry, cavalry, mixed (infantry and cavalry) and the HQ.
The initial positions are still not defined because depend on the calendar, the recognition distances based on the scale (more distance for cavalry and minus for infantry and mixed units), and the strenght of units divided by 1000.

To be continued in Part II

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