Pas de Manoeuvre rules testing – The map

Finally I am finishing my wargame rules for two playersPas de Manoeuvre!\» (solo mode will have to wait).
In order to test it I have chosen the known platform for virtual boardgames Roll20,  designed primarily for Role Playing Games, but it\’s ok for my idea to develop a wargame in the distance at real time. I show you the final game board design with the Battle of Quatre Bras scenario and offset squares cells to regulate the movements and shooting. The basis for the map drawing was MSExcel from Microsoft, and the building images top-down from Battle Chronicler.

Napoleon\’s Triumph style map that I always liked.

The units I have taken from the excellent web of Junior General, Papalazaru\’s wonderful counters, to which I returned after trying other design ideas of counters. Being top-down view, I think the connection is guaranteed with wargame miniatures world that have always in mind for these rules.

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